Starwood and Uber End Points Partnership

Since 2015 Uber and Starwood had an on going promotion where users could earn additional Starwood Points while using Uber on trips.  The partnership will be ending on December 17th.  Until then the earning of points will remain the same with 1 Starpoint for every $2 spent and 1 Starpoint for every $1 while on a staying at a Starwood hotel.  This undoubtedly is going to be disappointment for those users that travel for business and use Uber extensively as they will probably be missing out on an additional few thousand points every year. 

Unfortunately this easy way to earn points will be ending

Uber's Move and Your Options

Uber was most likely the entity to push towards the termination of this deal.  Earlier this week they announced they will be entering into the branded credit card market with their own launching on November 2nd.  From a business sense this make sense as we're seeing airline drive a good portion of their companies revenues from there partnerships.  They also have a wide enough user base to easily get adoption to the card.

If you're looking for different options and have no interest in getting an Uber credit card be sure to check out the partnership between Delta and Lyft as it does give you another option to earn additional points while you are doing necessary travel.