Spokane's Hidden Secret of Autograph Collection Hotels

If we had to guess what city in the world has the most Autograph Collection hotels, we'd think of London, New York City, and Chicago as prime candidates.  However unbelievably the city with the most is actually Spokane, Washington.  Many may not even be familiar with the city but it is a sleepy city in Eastern Washington a short jaunt from picturesque Coeur D'Alene Idaho and home to Gonzaga University.  Being in a dry climate it lacks the mountainous beauty usually associated with the state of Washington but it makes for that with a unique personality.  At the middle of it all is the Davenport Hotel Collection, a unique set of four luxury Autograph Collection hotels all located in the middle of downtown Spokane.  All four hotels operated under this company until joining Marriott's Autograph Collection in 2015.

The interior of the Historic Davenport shows off the ornate style of the early 1900s

The Historic Davenport

Marriott Category: 6

Average Nightly Cost: $169.95

Redemption Rate Per Point: 0.68¢

The Hotel Davenport was completed in 1914 by Lewellyn Davenport, a prominent restauranteur in Spokane .  The hotel was built with such grandeur, it seeked to put Spokane on the map and create a reason for people to come.  It worked, because the list of entertainment celebrities that have visited is a Who's who list of the most influential people in the industry throughout the entire 1900's.  The owners were so proud of the hotel that they had an 80 page book written about the property, comparing it to some of the most prominent buildings in Italy, England, and France.  However through the depression and upon Davenport's selling the hotel 1945 the property began to lose some of it's luster and frequently changed hands.  Gradually with each owner the hotel began to lose a little bit of his majestic-ness until 1985 it was shuttered.  

With demolition being costly, the building ultimately ended up staying vacant for 15 years until it was purchased by local entrepreneurs Walt & Karen Worthy.  They spent 2 years and many millions of dollars renovating the property until it reopened as the Historic Davenport in September 2002.  The hotel opened with the same grandiose design of the original property but with modern amenities of the 21st Century.  A few years after opening, the local PBS station in Spokane, KSPS, created a documentary specifically on the hotel.  Today the hotel is the centerpiece of the The Davenport Hotel Collection and a truly magnificent place to visit.

The Davenport Tower's safari theme can be seen all throughout the hotel.

The Davenport Tower

Marriott Category: 5

Average Cost: $124.80

Redemption Rate Per Point: 0.62¢

The Worthy's second foray into hotels was with the Davenport Tower. Completed in 2007 and just cat-a-corner from the Historic, it's the tallest hotel in Spokane and added 328 rooms to their collection.  The Davenport Tower was uniquely designed in the style of safari.  While roaming the hotel don't be surprised to come across statues of elephants, lions, and a myriad of animal paintings that you would more likely find at a hotel out of the Serengeti.

The entrance to the Davenport Lusso still branded as Hotel Lusso

The Davenport Lusso

Marriott Category: 5

Average Cost: $131.71

Redemption Rate Per Point: 0.66¢

Originally opened in 1998 as the Hotel Lusso, as a standalone hotel it gradually become one of the highest ranked hotels in Spokane . In 2009 it was purchased by the Davenport Collection and rebranded into the Davenport Lusso.  Having just 48 rooms it's the smallest of all the hotels but makes up for it in quaintness.  It gives off the exact opposite vibe of the the Historic Grand, it's still luxurious but feels more of an upscale bed and breakfast. 

The shield representing the Davenport Hotel's

The Davenport Grand

Marriott Category: 5

Average Nightly Cost: $140.74

Redemption Rate Per Point: 0.70¢

The Davenport Grand, the most recent and biggest of the 4 hotels, was completed two years ago in 2015.  Inspired by the Encore in Vegas, it's designed unlike the others with a modern feel throughout both the hotel and guest rooms.  With 716 rooms it is the biggest hotel of not only the Davenport Collection but the entire city of Spokane.

Using Points at the Hotels

For the Autograph Collection brand, the cash value of staying at one of these hotels is unbeatable.  The Davenport Tower, Lusso, and Grand are the most affordable Autograph Collection hotels in the United States with the most expensive nightly rate being just over $140.  The Historic Davenport is only slightly more expensive at $169 a night.

Given the great cash value, using point provides only an average redemption.  Across the hotels the average redemption rate per Marriott Rewards point is between 0.62¢ and 0.70¢ vs the 0.83¢ Autograph Collection.  Seasonality doesn't seem to exist in Spokane either, so no real opportunities exist to find high redemption rates for specific nights.  If staying at one of the hotel's we highly recommend staying on a cash rate.

For the level of service, elegance of the hotel and price they provide some of the best value across the entire Autograph Collection.  Each hotel has a distinct feel and experience that leads to a memorable visit.