Introducing Points Alerts and a New Dashboard

Today we're excited to introduce some new features for our users!  Since our first launch a lot of tools have just been static data (maps, award charts, and category breakdowns).  We've now launched a couple of new features to actually aid our users.  These including a point dashboard where you can track and value your points across all programs, alerts for points, and user accounts.  We'll break these down in more detail but we hope they add value to what our you guys get from our site.

Start setting price alerts for hotels that are currently unavailable

Price Alerts

Have you ever gone to book a hotel using points only to find there is not currently availability for your dates.  This happens all the time with high demand hotels like The St Regis Bora Bora, Marriott's Wailea Beach Resort, and the Hyatt's Andaz Maui.  Today we're officially introducing hotel points alerts where you can pick the hotel and set the dates of your visit and you'll get an email notification when it becomes available.  Like other sites we'll also have price alerts for when hotels go under a set price.

Points Dashboard

Ever wonder how much all of your points are actually worth?  Everyone has their own redemption rate for their points so we built a customizable dashboard where you store your total points but also put a value to them.  Start exploring and calculating the value of your points here!

Upcoming Features

There's a lot of things we want to build right now but budget and time is always a concern for our small company. Here's some of the things in the pipeline that we want to realize over the next few months.

  1. More Brands - Right now we're just Marriott, Starwood, and Hyatt and know that is not enough.  Next we'd like to roll out Hilton hotels and then a few more including IHG and Wyndham.
  2. Content - We haven't really been able to concentrate much on content, so we'd like to start publishing more in-depth analysis on redemption opportunities 
  3. Award Wallet Integration - Want to get immediate updates when the value of your points change, soon we'd like to integrate with Award Wallet so that can happen

Those are some of the main things but we would love to here of any tools that you have every wanted!  Send us an email at if you have any!