Hotel Opening - Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Property

Nestled far within the Alps in Eastern Italy, SPG's The Luxury Collection introduces a new mountain resort with both beauty and history - the Cristallo.

The Property

Originally built in the early 1900's the Cristallo has gone through many eras and owners.  From surviving World Wars to being a get away for socialites, it joins SPG with a storied history.  It's located in the Cortina, Italy, about two hours north of Venice in the Dolomites.  Just steps away from the Mountain allows guest to enjoy many activists during every season.

Cristallo's picturesque property rests deep in the Dolomites (SPG)


# of Restaurants: 4

Signature Dish: 9 Course Tasting Menu at La Stube 1842

Cristallo features 4 different restaurants, all with different vibes but still heavily influenced from Italian culture.  La Stube 1872 is only open for dinner but it's menu is most diverse.  Entirely composing of tasting menu's it provides diners the opportunity to explore the local cuisine.  For a more traditional Italian dinner, dine in Il Gazebo where you are completely surrounded by windows peering out to the valley.  Breakfast buffets and three course lunches can be had at the Veranda with amazing views included.  Then finally during the summer La Terrazza open's on the terrace giving guests a stunning view of the valley and town of Cortina.

Il Gazebo offers panoramic views of the valley while serving Italian classics (Cristallo)

Worth the Points?

It's rare to see new Starwood Category 7 properties pop up, especially in a country already holding a large percentage of them.  Category 7 hotels are expected to be the best of the best and when you using points you have to pay a pretty penny at 30,000 points a night for a room.  The luxurious amenities of the hotel are up to par with comparable hotels but the Cristallo is interesting in that it has two seasons which distorts the average. 

When we look at the cost per points of 1.238¢ it shows a below average redemption for SPG but looking at specific times of the year there is actual value to be found in winter peak season. Around Christmas the average nightly rate ranges from over $1200 which gives you a great redemption rate over 4 cents.  Summer needs to be avoided for point redemptions as many days are under 1 cent per point.

When searching for January dates it is possible to find nightly rates over $1400 available with points.

Overall this property falls perfectly into place of what to expect from top tier Starwood properties in the Alps.  Does it warrant being a category 7?  That is still up in the air, for the winter season definitely but the summer would align it more in the category 5.  Either way there is a real lack of point hotels in the region north of Venice so the addition fills a need and adds a breathtaking hotel to travelers options.