Best Uses of Hyatt's Somewhat New (Ugly) Logo

Earlier this year Hyatt completed a rebrand and with it came a new logo, and a questionable one at that.  It has been subject to much negative scrutiny and even just taking a glance at it you get the impression that something is off about it.  When you look closer you realize that the "OF" letters are just aligned all incorrectly.  Hyatt has also publicly received negative commentary regarding, especially in the infamous Reddit AMA with the SVP of Loyalty for Hyatt.  There people were lambasting him with complaints, calling the logo "amateurish" and "made by an intern".

However given all of that we feel like they got something right because after adding some spacing in between the middle of the "O" and "F" letters it gives the opportunity to focus on a specific travel experiences.

Here we rank 5 from our least to favorite uses of the logo:

#5 - The New Hyatt Logo

Here's the normal logo, the spacing of "OF" is obviously unaligned. (Hyatt)

#4 Paper Lantern


#3 Solid Colors with Travel Objects

(Grand Hyatt Washington DC)

#2 Fushimi Inari Shrine


#1 - World of Hyatt Giant Frame

This isn't an actual logo but we like it the most because Hyatt took the effort to have giant World of Hyatt logo frames made.  This ultimately gives the people the opportunity to create the experience they want and we have some pretty cool photos out there of people utilizing it to it's fullest.


BONUS Image - LEGO Logo

Not necessarily a logo but we love how the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou got creative with it. (Instagram)