Earn 35,000 Starwood Points with Amex SPG Business Card

For a limited time only, in the month of March, American Express has brought back the 35,000 Starwood point bonus for signing up for the Amex SPG Business card.  Here's is our exclusive link (http://refer.amex.us/BENJASVzqx?XLINK=MYCP).  This matches the all-time highest offer for this card and is only available until March 28th, 2018.  In you are not interested in the business card the SPG personal card still has a 25,000 point bonus available for lower spend requirements.

The card bonus can give you up to 7 free nights at the beachfront Le Meridien Ile Maurice on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius

What Does 35K Starwood Points Get You?

Category 1 Hotels: 12 (weekday) or 17 (weekend) nights

Category 2 Hotels: 9 (weekday) or 12 (weekend) nights

Category 3 Hotels: 7 nights

Category 4 Hotels: 5 Nights

Category 5 Hotels: 3 Nights

Category 6 Hotels: 2 Nights

Category 7 Hotels: 1 Night

The most notable redemption that is made possible is the ability to have enough points to stay at Starwood's highest category 7.  Hotels at this level cost 30,000 points a night and is usually unattainable through the sign-up bonus alone.  These hotels are some of the most luxurious and private hotels in the world.  Unfortunately only one night isn't always the most attractive so on the opposite side of the spectrum, it's possible to find a better value by staying more nights at a lesser category.  One real sweet spot is going to be both category 3 and 4 hotels as you can use the 5th night free benefit to stay for a week at a category 3 or 5 nights at a category 4 hotel.  You can find detailed lists of the best hotels for those categories here: Category 3 and Category 4.

Transferring your newly minted Starwood points to Marriott also gives some great redemptions.  3 free nights can be obtained at Marriott's Category 8 hotels, which are their second highest.  Two free nights are also available at the lower tiered Ritz Carlton properties around the world.  In addition to the Marriott transfer if you already have additional points you can pool them together to redeem a great trip with Marriott's 7 Night Flight + Hotel Packages.

How to Apply?

Applying for the card is easy, just do it at this link.  The application process is easy and if you already have an American Express card upon being accepted you can automatically link it up to your current account.  If you need any more inspiration on where you can go with your new card check out our random hotel generator that shows how many free nights you can get!