20K Signup Bonus with Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card

American Express' has a limited time 20k bonus on their Everyday Preferred Credit Card.  If you've been waiting to signup now is a great time to do it.  The bonus alone is worth getting it, but the 15 month 0% interest balance transfer is the real perk of the card if you have an extra balance you are carrying.   After you receive your points bonus you can then begin booking travel with your new points!

12 Month 0% Interest Balance Transfer

In addition to the sign up bonus the card offers at 12 Month 0% Balance Transfer offer which provides the greatest benefit of the card.  The savings could be over $1200 in savings over the course of the year.  For example by transferring a $5000 balance to the card and assuming a current 20% APR the savings in interest payments would be $1250!

Additional Benefits

The 20,000 points bonus is a great incentive to sign up but there are many other card benefits that add significant value to the card.  Some include:

  1. Earn 50% Bonus Points if you make 30 or more purchases in a month
  2. 3X Points at US Supermarkets
  3. 2X Points at Gas Stations
  4. 1X Points on All Other Purchase
  5. Ability to Use Points for Your Charges

Just 58K points can get you 2 nights at the Intercontinental Tahiti (IC Tahiti)

Bonus Points Transferring to IHG

Unfortunately IHG is not a direct partner with American Express but it is possible to transfer to them.   Virgin Atlantic (VA) transfers 1 to 1 to IHG and American Express normally transfers 1 to 1 to VA.  This normally does not sounds great because most high end IHG properties are upwards of 70,000 points a night.   However there are 2 additional active bonuses that can make it more attractive.

   1. Occasionally throughout the year American Express does transfer promos to Virgin Atlantic where you receive a 30% bonus.

   2. After transferring 75,000 points to IHG you receive IHG Spire Elite status. Upon receiving this you are entitled to a gift of 25,000 bonus points.

When combined this enables you to turn just 58,000 Amex Rewards points into 100,000 IHG points.  100K IHG points is worth up $1,000 and could give you 2 free nights at the Intercontinental Tahiti, Intercontinental Moorea, or the Intercontinental Osaka.  It could also get you up to 20 free nights at the lowest tier of IHG Points Breaks

The Montage Laguna Beach can be booked with points via Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Using Points on the Preferred Hotels and Resort's Collection

One little known partnership is between Choice Hotels and the Preferred Hotels and Resorts brand. Preferred Hotels is a collection of 650 independent luxury hotels around the world.  These are often times world famous hotels that have rates exceeding $1000 per night.  Luckily with this partnership it's possible to use Choice points to book these hotels and Amex transfers to Choice direct at a 1 to 1 ratio.  The cost of booking Preferred Hotels ranges from 25,000 to 55,000 points a night.  The full list will show the range of possibilities including some hotels like the Montage Laguna Beach, The Fullerton Bay Singapore, Cavallo Point Resort, and the SLS South Beach.