2018 Starwood Category Changes

Starwood just announced their 2018 hotel category changes and there are some big movers.  Overall Starwood didn't make as drastic changes as Marriott did in their annual changes (see our analysis here).  Starwood had a total of 145 properties go up while 131 went down.  The biggest mover was the Four Points by Sheraton Kolasin which went down three categories from a 4 to 1 while 3 other properties jumped 2 categories.   At the top, onlyThe St. Regis Osaka went to the highest Category 7 level while The St. Regis Dubai and Le Roch Hotel each descended to Category 6 

The W New York was one of 3 New York hotels that moved down a category

Breakdown of Category Changes

  • Starwood only had 14 more properties go down then up and 5 of the 7 categories actually had more properties go down than up.  Here's the breakdown by category:

  • Category 1 - 17 went up / 31 went down
  • Category 2 - 26 went up / 17 went down
  • Category 3 - 49 went up / 31 went down
  • Category 4 - 34 went up / 40 went down
  • Category 5 - 18 went up / 30 went down
  • Category 6 - 1 went up / 10 went down
  • Category 7 - 2 went down

The Le Meridien Mekkah jumped up to categories this year to a 4 marking a continuing trend in Saudia Arabia

Significant Hotel Changes

1. There were some big changes in New York City as three prominent hotels went down a category (W New York, Sheraton Brooklyn, Aloft Brooklyn).  New York traditionally has some of the most expensive point costs so it's nice to see some more affordable options come forward.

2. Seoul had changes similar to New York with another 3 hotels going down a category. One particularly intriguing property is the Glad Live, a Design Hotel that went down to a category 2.  This unique property which even has personal pools in select rooms provides an excellent redemption value in Seoul.

3. The St. Regis Osaka moves to the highest Category possible at 7.  Looking across the high end hotels of Japan only one either is at that category (Suiran in the Luxury Collection) this make logical sense given the high quality and cost of accommodations in Japan

4. Le Méridien Towers Makkah made a two category jump to category 4.  This follows a increasing trend over the past few years for properties in the Muslim holy land and home to the annual Hajj pilgrimage to the city of Mecca, Saudia Arabia.